Identity, Motion, Website

Anni Teriani

Online store development and few brand identity elements for Anni Teriani.

Anni Teriani is a modern brand of women`s designer bags which became famous due to the bright color decisions and daring design of the products. The original ornaments for the accessories are drawn by the brand founder Anni Teriani. Thanks to the abundance of creative ideas, she creates innovative models for those who appreciate individuality and strive to be the main creators of their style.

Anni Teriani`s way began with drawings. The designer created bright abstract illustrations, and the desire to shape her ideas in a new tangible way encouraged her to create the first bag collection under her own brand. With the help of these accessories, combining comfort and beauty, Anni Teriani dream to give each girl an opportunity to choose bright mood daily and take it along anywhere.

We make full functions for Anni Teriani online store including web design, site elements, and all forms. Also, Nord Blaze developed a corporate style, motion video, and elements of prints for accessories. The customer adds new content himself.

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