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Stroikom – company from Russia, based on commercial construction, larger or small scale jobs, remodeling, or a specific type of fabrication.

Look at this junction of two parts of russian words: stroi (строй) – construction and kom (ком) – commercial.

It’s important that you tell your customers what company do so that there is no confusion about what brand offer. It also helps with SEO and helps to stand out as an expert in a certain field, to get an edge over the competition. Simple personality to construction company can help to stand out from competition. Now, this doesn’t mean sacrificing professionalism and saying that Stroikom the next kick butt construction company with a whole bunch of hype. It means that company show a little bit of who she is are to make order feel more personable and relatable to your customers.

We built a logo and corporate identity for Stroikom that does a good job showing their personality while remaining professional.

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