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DJ Rupee

Roman Tolstenko aka DJ Rupee was born in Lithuania, Klaipeda City. He embraces hip-hop culture in both his performances & lifestyle. His favourite music styles include hip-hop, r’n’b, dancehall, reggae & reggaeton.

He began his career with Lithuanian super star DVJ Gexx aka GexxTerror in his VideoHeads team. VideoHeads – are a team of visual DJ’s mixing tracks & the supporting videos simultaneously. Combining musical & peripheral entertainment proved a success on the dance floor, “VideoHeads” are one of the pioneers of European DVJing.

DJ Rupee worked along side the VJ team for a number of years before launching his solo career. DJ Rupee has worked along side superstars like Chris Willis (David Guetta vocalist) and many other’s Lithuanian singers. Rupee has performed numerous times on Lithuanian TV along side DVJ. DJ Rupee is internationally recognised with his catalogue including performances in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany & currently artist residing and working in the UK.

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