Branding, Identity, Motion

Fresher Draft

Branding, identity, motion video and video editing for Fresher Draft – rap and hip-hop music project with MC’s from Russia.

It’s now a fact – the great renaissance of Russian rap is upon us. What started a couple of years ago as an online-powered subculture, is now a massive cultural force dictating its rules to the mainstream. Russian rap and hip-hop today is a movement of great variety and depth, ruling the minds of millions across the country.

Fresher Draft – a new russian show with fresh rap and hip-hop artists. It’s promotion unique MC’s outside politics and religions.

Main idea based on cypher system. A hip hop cypher is a improvised freestyle cyclical rapping session without the ugly dissing of other artist like in a rap battle where you have to insult your opponent.

Fresher Draft logo contains strong lines and up arrow, it symbolizes true movement, rise and glory. Identity and all video elements created with hip-hop urban style.

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